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Being Josef Ka



PERFORMANCE Josef Ka und Franciszek Araszkiewicz (Musik)

photo: Mark Maher

17.05.2024 Moedling, KunstRaumArcade

‘Being Josef Ka’ began in 2016 as a photographic project when American visual artist Mark Maher first met performance and visual artist Josef Ka.

During the next eight years and across various countries and venues, they together made thousands of images that they came to think of as “still performances”. While the settings for their photographs are quite diverse, the themes – led by Josef Ka’s performance artist intuitions and body wisdom – tend to repeat cyclically: The performer as personae, the innate eroticism of the human form, playful and adventurous exploration of the ever-shifting environment, and a fundamental challenging of tired assumptions about the dynamic between the photographer and the photographed.

Josef Ka is also a very insightful photographer in her own right – and she loves engaging the camera equally from both sides of the lens. Related to this, she enjoys working with many photographers, and of this group many of her favorite images have been made by Walter Ulreich, who begin photographing her in 2020. It was this collaboration that led her to suggest that his own images be included in this premiere exhibition of ‘Being Josef Ka’.

In addition to the wall-mounted photos the exhibition will include hundreds of smaller scale images by Maher and Josef Ka, a catalogue from one of their on-location shoots, an art book of Josef Ka’s paintings, and an opening event performance Being Josef Ka by Josef Ka and the Polish artist Franciszek Araszkiewicz.

Josef Ka is a visual and performance artist based in Finland.

Mark Maher is a visual artist based in Finland. An exhibition of his solo work will open May 23rd in Berlin.

Walter Ulreich is a photographer and author based in Austria.

Franciszek Araszkiewicz, composer and media artist based in Poland.

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