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The annual Feast of Pentecost in Prinzendorf offers the unique opportunity to visit several exhibitions and Hermann Nitsch’s studio in the castle, in which the artist used to live and work. Further important elements of the feast are the unadulturated wine from Nitsch’s own vineyard, a traditional Heuriger buffet accompanied by local brass music and a joint procession through the fields of the surrounds. The Feast of Pentecost is a celebration for all members of the Association supporting the O.M. Theatre, as well as for all friends and interested parties in the Orgies Mysteries Theatre.

In the spirit of Nitsch, we have decided this year to invite four artists who were contributing performers in the Orgies Mysteries Theatre to show their own work at Prinzendorf. The program will feature
♦ the live performance ASCENSION by the Finnish artist Josef Ka,
♦ Johannes Rass will present one of his spectacular “stage animals”
♦ Katrin Sturm and
♦ Felix Wittibschlager will present their paintings, which – as in Nitsch’s work – focuse on the form or material of the paint substance.

Josef Ka
International performance, visual, and sound artist Josef Ka blends richly varied influences – everything from Butoh dance to cinematic theory – with her decades of nomadic world travel to create bold, highly personal site-specific art. Josef Ka’s themes range from investigating the place of the human body in contemporary reality to exploring the inner body as a representative system of our human and post human kind.

ASCENSION is a new performance by Josef Ka was created especially for Pfingstfest 2024. It pays homage to Hermann Nitsch and Schloss Prinzendorf – with deep gratitude to Hermann Nitsch’s life and art, which has profoundly influenced her own artistic practice.

ASCENSION was be performed by Josef Ka in collaboration with Franciszek Araszkiewicz Music (electronics governed by brainwaves) and Lena Perelman (lighting design consultant). Actors of the project – Michaela Hetzel, Oskar Klug, Elias Maria Zachl.

Special thanks to: Felix Wittibschlager, Katharina Wiesinger, Andreas Bauer, Mihail Ballauer, Josef Smutný.

photo: Mark Maher


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